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Repost: A Tuesday Top 5 in Vehement Defense of the Wild Boys

Originally posted on my Myspace blog...thought I'd post this in response to the DD conversation taking place after I posted a bit of New Religion lyrics. Enjoy!

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For practically my whole life, I've gotten all kinds of crap for being a Duran Duran fan. And more often than not, from people who have pegged them as a shallow, pretty-boy pop band with no real talent or creativity, based on no more exposure to them than hearing "The Reflex" or "Wild Boys" on the radio (two of their worst songs, IMHO).
(And, you know, people said the same things about the Beatles in the early sixties...)
But come ON--you've got to give the Fab 5 just a little more credit than that. How many of their contemporaries from the early to mid-80's have been consistently touring and making new records for this whole time? I mean without the Jesus complex? (You know who you are...)
Duran Duran has continued to make records that have been critically panned and have never seen the back side of a pop chart, simply because they want to make them and the fans like them. They've toured huge arenas and very small venues, and they never seem to have a problem selling out either one.
And more than that, to people who listen with an open mind and a good attitude, they have proven to be very talented, diverse musicians who, it is obvious, just love to put on a good show. Sure, they've had their off moments (911 really was a joke when they were finished with it...), but for every cover of "Fame," there's a song like the one on this week's list thatmore than makes up for it.
So, for all of you out there who like to razz me about being a Duranie, and especially for all my friends who are ALSO Duranies, I give you:
Top 5 Kick-Ass Duran Duran Songs the Rest of You Have Never Heard:
(in no particular order, except for #1, because it's my all-time fave)

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5. "Do You Believe in Shame?" from Big Thing, 1988

4. "Big Bang Generation" from Medazzaland, 1997 (I can't find this to add to my playlist, but you can hear a great live version here.)

3. "Playing With Uranium" from Pop Trash, 2000

2. "Out of My Mind" also from Medazzaland, 1997

1. "New Religion" from Rio, 1981

You know you're just afraid to admit you like 'em.....tell me your favorite DD song, even if you're not a fan....unless you're too afraid.

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